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Travel reflections

No matter where in the world you go, one place is like many others.

Underneath our exterior differences, we are all just people. We all have the same basic needs, the same joys and concerns, love and loss.

I have seen alot, had cultural misunderstandings, some humorous experiences (see my Travel stories), seen beautiful sunsets and majestic landmarks, met amazing people…  and it has all added such a richness to my life.

Through my years of traveling, I came away with so much that is always within the undercurrent of who I am and how I live. And how could it not? If you have done much international travel, then you too know.

Because of things I have seen and experienced, many times it causes me to pause and think, “do I really need this?” when shopping, or to question, “why do we need another convenience?” when thinking of all the ways we “save” time.  Sometimes I wonder, do these gadgets and modern conveniences really enrich our lives and make them better or do they just make more  free time available for more busyness that is often associated with the N. American life? (Now I’m not going to throw out my Android phone or anything crazy, but you get the point….it’s there to help make life easier, not take over all of your time)

I have found that some have NOTHING by N. American standards, and yet they truly have all they need, family,  love and faith in God.

I just think that it is good to pause every now and then and purposely be thankful for what you have. There is always someone worse off. And if you don’t believe that, step across some parts of the border or in the rough part of your town.

Just sayin’… 🙂

Hope this all makes sense (…I was quite tired when I put this together so may be random and a bit jumbled)


About 1authenticlife

I am a traveler in life, loving to explore, observe and grow. I have a large, great family and live in the Mid west. My husband and I both co-own businesses... There is so much in life that fascinates me, most of all God and people. I have been to many countries and still have never tired of the adventure. My hope is to inspire others through the trials and triumphs of my life & practical truths found in the Bible, to be all they can be, and to live out their life authentically for Christ.


2 thoughts on “Travel reflections

  1. I am so excited to have found your blog! My Mom sent it over to me!

    Posted by Dana | December 10, 2010, 12:52 pm

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