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While traveling back to the U.S from various destinations abroad,  I remember arriving in the international terminal of the airports. I always enjoyed seeing the signs that said “Welcome to the United States.”

Because the U.S is home for me, I always felt a sense of joy and belonging, it was that wonderful feeling of returning home.

There are so many things I love in my country,  like the belief in big ideas, and the freedom to do something great, and people who are diverse and amazing as our landscapes. I know these things aren’t present just in America but I believe that they are hallmarks of who we are as a nation.

And yet… as a follower of Christ, I am not at home here or anywhere else. Not really.

My true home is in heaven. For me and many others of like precious faith, this life on Earth is just a journey, not a destination.

I love this story I heard years ago of a missionary couple who came back to the USA to retire. After many years overseas they headed to New York. It was time to come home.

They found out that they were on the same ship as President Teddy Roosevelt, and no one paid any attention;  they were all so enthralled with him.

As they approached the dock, the crowds went wild. Papers had heralded his homecoming. Bands were playing, dignitaries were present, it was an off-the-hook scene. All of this fanfare was for the presidents return from a game-hunting expedition.

And so the story goes…

“They (the missionary couple) slipped off the ship, disappeared in the crowd, and found a cheap flat on the East Side, hoping the next day to see what they could do to make a living in the city.

That night the man’s spirit broke. He said to his wife, “I can’t take this; God is not treating us fairly.” His wife replied, “Why don’t you go in the bedroom and tell that to the Lord?”

A short time later he came out from the bedroom, but now his face was completely different. His wife asked, “Dear, what happened?”

The Lord settled it with me. I told Him how bitter I was that the President should receive this tremendous homecoming, when no one met us as we returned home. And when I finished, it seemed as though the Lord put His hand on my shoulder and simply said;

“You’re not home yet.”

The Bible tells us that Earth is not the final destination my friend, we are just passing through. It is not about what accolades we get here that counts.

What truly matters to me is hearing these words from our heavenly Father on the other side saying, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the Lord”

What about you? Where is your true home? If you believe as I do, then I hope today that this simple post reminds you to set your compass heavenward, for that is the destination. And where our true home is.

Ciao for now!

20 But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior. 21 He will take our weak mortal bodies and change them into glorious bodies like his own…”

Phil 3:20-21 NLT

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I am a traveler in life, loving to explore, observe and grow. I have a large, great family and live in the Mid west. My husband and I both co-own businesses... There is so much in life that fascinates me, most of all God and people. I have been to many countries and still have never tired of the adventure. My hope is to inspire others through the trials and triumphs of my life & practical truths found in the Bible, to be all they can be, and to live out their life authentically for Christ.


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