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Living true

Arms wide open

Recently, my husband and I attended a wedding

While at the reception, when the DJ started playing the music, one of the little flower girls got  out on the dance floor and went for it! Aside from the bride and groom, she was the star of the reception. Dancing with all of her heart, she spun around and did hand motions, jumping up and down completely uninhibited. And she captivated everyone present. I think perhaps we all saw in that little girl a part of ourselves that we might rarely let out. She had embraced that moment with arms wide open.

What if we lived our lives that way? What if we fully embraced every moment and made it count?

On a more serious side, Jesus lived completely in the moment and walked out his destiny. He accomplished more in 33 years on earth than some would achieve in several lifetimes. He laughed, he cried, he healed, he delivered, he had friends and he loved…all authentically.  And then when it was all finished he died, with arms wide open. He had finished his course, while living every moment to its fullest.

What about you? Will you leave behind past hurts and trials? Will you embrace what is ahead of you and live every moment true to your heart? Will you press forward and not look back? 

I challenge you to open up your arms if they have been closed and fully embrace life, love and a relationship with Christ.

What will I do? What will you do?

It’s up to us.


About 1authenticlife

I am a traveler in life, loving to explore, observe and grow. I have a large, great family and live in the Mid west. My husband and I both co-own businesses... There is so much in life that fascinates me, most of all God and people. I have been to many countries and still have never tired of the adventure. My hope is to inspire others through the trials and triumphs of my life & practical truths found in the Bible, to be all they can be, and to live out their life authentically for Christ.


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