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What if shoppers came with labels?

Working in sales in our family furniture store most of my life, I have been able to observe different personalities over the years. There have been thousands of people through our store and you really do see all types of people in here.

There’s the excitable, impulsive shopper who blows in, blows up and blows out spending hundreds of dollars or more. When they rave about all of the latest products and go crazy with fabric colors and finishes, it gets the creative sales juices going and can add a punch of excitement to your day as a sales person.

How about the contemplative type? Not always quiet but usually they want to be left alone as they ponder the needs of their office. They think everything through thoroughly, and usually make a good choice. You usually learn alot from them because they ask good questions that get you digging.

Then there’s the snooty type who thinks they are the expert, and they don’t have tim e for your input. They have it all figured out thank you very much! They are usually the patience testers but they also tend to have great taste.

How about the  Rich type?  Like the lion of an attorney who swung in here in his floor length mink coat, boastful and bold. Accompanied by his size 2 arm candy secretary, he acted like he could buy whatever he wanted and yet within minutes he gave himself away by chiseling on me for a better deal on furniture that was already budget priced to begin with. One of my least favorite types, they remind me of a big puff of air with very little substance. But they can teach you to be thorough in your sales pitch and they’ll keep you on your toes!

Then shhh! There’s the quiet type who barely says two words. You let them navigate the store alone and almost get embarrassed about checking on them to see if they need you because you feel like you are bothering them. They are the ones that are harder to read and you have to sharpen up your observation skills by watching their buying signals and asking the right questions. But, when all is said and done, they can become a great customer once they warm up to you.

Yes, I have found that you can learn something from anyone. If you want to.


About 1authenticlife

I am a traveler in life, loving to explore, observe and grow. I have a large, great family and live in the Mid west. My husband and I both co-own businesses... There is so much in life that fascinates me, most of all God and people. I have been to many countries and still have never tired of the adventure. My hope is to inspire others through the trials and triumphs of my life & practical truths found in the Bible, to be all they can be, and to live out their life authentically for Christ.


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