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Fun Idea for a Spa shower – Edible nail polish

“Nail polish” favors

I recently went to a baby shower for a friend at a spa. We all got mani’s and pedi’s and for this shower, I got this idea to make favors that looked like nail polish.

So, I went to a candy store on the hunt for something round for the nail polish bottles. I got gum balls, and licorice twists for the lids. Then my husband torched a nail and punctured each of the gum balls so each had a hole. Then I cut mini skewer sticks down, speared the gumballs with the sharp end and then attached licorice to the other end. For the bottoms, to keep them from rolling around on the mirror, I took a vanilla tootsie roll and cut several small pieces, warmed them in my hands and attached a little bit of it to the bottoms.

I made fun “OPI-like” names for them like “Dana’s Dye” and “Desi’s Fun in the sun”… inspired by the names of the girls attending. Better labels or edible ink on the sides would have been classier if I had more time. But hey, it was last-minute and totally fun! And the girls loved their personalized gum ball treats. They looked so real that I think a few even reached for these as a nail color – LOL!


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