I am a traveler in life, loving to explore, observe and grow. I have a large, great family and live in the Mid west. My husband and I both co-own businesses... There is so much in life that fascinates me, most of all God and people. I have been to many countries and still have never tired of the adventure. My hope is to inspire others through the trials and triumphs of my life & practical truths found in the Bible, to be all they can be, and to live out their life authentically for Christ.
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Fun Idea for a Spa shower – Edible nail polish

I recently went to a baby shower for a friend at a spa. We all got mani’s and pedi’s and for this shower, I got this idea to make favors that looked like nail polish. So, I went to a candy store on the hunt for something round for the nail polish bottles. I got … Continue reading

What is in the struggle

When going through a struggle, you and I are given an opportunity to see God come through in the most amazing way…if we will invite him. When having done all to stand and when everything around you is in limbo or uncertain, there is something amazing that can emerge in your faith walk, even as your character is tested…a … Continue reading


Sometimes I find in my walk with God that there are certain themes that follow my life, or the season that I am in. RIght now there is one thing (a symbol) that keeps popping up in my life that is sort of an inside joke between me and God. And when I see it, it just … Continue reading

Fraulein, will you forgive me?

A memorable ORU speaker’s true story of forgiveness, as a holocaust survivor “It was in a church in Munich that I saw him, a balding heavy-set man in a gray overcoat, a brown felt hat clutched between his hands. People were filing out of the basement room where I had just spoken. It was 1947 … Continue reading

6 Things I would tell my 20 year old self

Looking back over the past decade or so,  life is constantly changing. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide,  I have changed right along with it. Now, in my mid thirties, here is what I would tell my younger self – 1) Don’t worry so much about what others think. All the time … Continue reading

Hitting the reset button

During a recent time of discipleship with a friend named Jaime we shared a conversation that created an “Aha” moment for us both. For years, Jaime has struggled with low self-esteem that has resulted in coping behaviors such as cutting and eating disorders. Recently Jaime’s health spiraled out of control. Several medications and a feeding … Continue reading

Cool way to twist your bangs


Ways with scarves

I saw this look while shopping at The Market in Tulsa. It’s a fun way to work a scarf!

Pudding and Life

While stirring my homemade Vanilla pudding, it occured to me why I like it sooo much better than instant. Because you can’t rush it. And it tastes so much better. You cant turn the heat up to speed up the process or you will burn it. But boy, if you do it right, it is … Continue reading

Walk on

Today while helping teach my little 9 mo old nephew how to walk, I noticed how much effort it takes for a baby to learn those first steps. Their whole body gets into it, and they have all of their focus in taking those steps. Eventually of course, they figure it out as it gets … Continue reading