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50 Years

“My grandparents were featured in an article for their 50th wedding nniversary back in 1989. (Unfortunately, the reporter misspelled their name) My mom found this article and I thought it would be great to post. In all, my grandparents traveled to all 50 states in the U.S, visited 78 countries and were married 69 years before … Continue reading

Eat Pray Love – Part 2

Continued from Part 1: So, here are some practical ways to work on being more diverse in your appetite even before you travel: 1) Read up Find out what food is popular in the place you plan to visit. What is their specialty? What are they known for? Try that! When I was in Ireland, it was Fish … Continue reading

Eat Pray Love – Part 1

Learning to appreciate cultural cuisine Recently, I watched a culinary travel show called Bizarre Foods. The American hosts dream job is trekking around the globe in search of bizarre and tasty food adventures. Along the way, he meets some interesting guides, sees beautiful scenery and samples delicious and sometimes very strange local fare. Watching the show brought … Continue reading

Travel reflections

No matter where in the world you go, one place is like many others. Underneath our exterior differences, we are all just people. We all have the same basic needs, the same joys and concerns, love and loss. I have seen alot, had cultural misunderstandings, some humorous experiences (see my Travel stories), seen beautiful sunsets … Continue reading

Dessert Soufflé’s and Hairy Legs

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA My brother and I were in Europe for several weeks and took a train to Salzburg to visit a friend. We had read in our trusty guidebook on Austria that there was an incredible dessert soufflé that was a local favorite. So we decided that we HAD to try it. “Created in the … Continue reading

The French “Diss-connection”

PARIS My brother Dan and I spent several weeks in Europe in May of 1999. We had made plans to start our adventure in France and meet up with my friend Amber, from Australia. She was attending the Sorbonne University at the time, taking French language courses. We had a fantastic time that week exploring … Continue reading

The Toilet Story

TALINN, ESTONIA When travelling outside of your time zone and your comfort zone, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. And never be afraid to ask for help or clarification. Some comical situations can come up and it’s good to be assertive so as not to thoroughly mortify yourself in front of your … Continue reading