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If we are called to live for Christ with arms wide open, why do we keep them closed sometimes instead? Is it self-protection or preservation? Fear? Insecurity? I wonder if we truly knew how our influence could change a life, would we not use it more… for his glory? Just a thought today… Advertisements


Grapefruits are a lot like life. There are parts that are messy but good for you.  Don’t run from things or people that are messy when there might be something to learn from them!


Still. Calm. Knowing. Take a moment to think about those words. What do they mean to you? While taking a kayak out a few weeks ago, I rowed out into the center of the lake and just stopped for a few minutes. And I sat there, slowly drifting not a care in the world. It was calm, … Continue reading

Article about Mentoring

Mentoring others is a cause dear to my heart. When I heard about the recent passing of David Wilkerson, a minister who revolutionized many lives through his successful program called Teen Challenge, I knew I had to write about it. Hope you enjoy!   – RB Click on the link to view: The Minister Mentor BA … Continue reading

Mentoring-An unexpected gift

Years ago now, a couple my husband and I respect mentioned that we should consider mentoring others. And we were like, “Really, you think so?” We just felt very unqualified. A few years later, he and I began to do that with a few people who came our way and with a couple of kids from our Church that … Continue reading


My husband Craig and I started playing a game awhile back that has been going on for years. We got the idea from a story we read in a devotional for couples. It started with a large post-it note with this word, shmily written on it. Craig hides it somewhere in the house and then waits for me to discover it, sometimes it’s weeks later or … Continue reading

Strange day at work

It was a normal workday at my family’s furniture store. A 60-ish year old gentleman walked in looking for a desk. Nothing unusual about that. As I showed him around the store, I noticed something was moving in his shirt. As we walked around, and I pointed out various options, I was trying not to look … Continue reading

What if shoppers came with labels?

Working in sales in our family furniture store most of my life, I have been able to observe different personalities over the years. There have been thousands of people through our store and you really do see all types of people in here. There’s the excitable, impulsive shopper who blows in, blows up and blows out spending hundreds of dollars or more. When they … Continue reading